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Hi, I'm Terri Frohman!
I'm just hanging out over here disrupting the current art industry status by dismantling & challenging the starving artist bullsh$t one day at a time, one artist at a time. 


Past Client Experience

"After working with Terri I've been able to create a clear identity for my business that resonates with my heart and soul and my ideal collectors. No more confusion, this is me, this is my art!"


Past Client Experience

"Terri, the last 8 months of working together has transformed me and my business so much.


From an overhaul of my IG to helping focus on residencies.

Helping me reframe my mindset about the business and giving me the framework to post, sell and reach out where needed for my business".

My mission?

Supporting the artist in business from passion to profession by allowing room for mental shifts & strategic planning. We will tap into the leader inside of you, find it, learn who that person is and strengthen them so that you can run your arts business with pure confidence, financial stability and leverage all of your incredible strengths in order to pursue your art dreams as a reality.
So, imagine if creating your arts business became just as fun, fulfilling and powerful as making art in your studio? 

We do that over here.,

If this resonates with you and you feel called to elevate and expedite your arts business journey,
let's work toget

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