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Let's break these thought patterns into digestible, bite size pieces.


Dismember those narratives, thoughts and deep rooted theories on what it means for resistance to get in the way by being more introspective NOT ruminative.

The Artist Ego is a place we feel most comfortable, most powerful, whether you grew up with a platinum paint brush in your mouth or you started mid career, but the CEO Ego that is new to us, bringing in fear and doubt on how to become the successful FULL TIME artist we so desperately want to be. 

That leads us to the introspection work...this shit is hard.

  • Who is this person who now needs to step in and sell my art? 

  • Who is the person that tells me I don't need to learn more or don't want to?

  • Who is it that believes my art is high level worthy and I can price it anyway I want? 

  • Why does it feel so weird to step into my 2.0 self?

  • Who tells me no?

Join The Artist Ego Series, where the questions are far more valuable than the answers. We will dive into a variety of topics on the perspectives, feelings and narratives we hold around being an artist and a business owner.

  • Part 1 - Getting over yourself & self sabotage

  • Part 2 - Artist ego & CEO Ego Get married

  • Part 3 - The Stories we tell ourselves (Why we can't? Why we don’t?” )

Note: These topics will organically lead into sub topics based on who's in the room and where the conversations go.

Who is this for?

  • The person that wants to talk, indulge a little, engage with others.

  • The person that wants to lay their thoughts HONESTLY on the table and ask questions they absolutely have answers to.

  • The person that desires a deeper look into their own perspectives around being an artist and where that comes from.

  • The person who wants to free themselves from resistance and GAIN BACK THEIR POWER in and out of the studio.

See you inside.

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