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People say you can't DIY's definitely true.


But I have literally experienced EVERYTHING in this e-book that enables me to pass it along to you on the parts that can easily be done yourself without investing anything major in the beginning stages of your arts business.

This e-book is unlike any other on the market because it will actually GUIDE you towards more strategic do-it-yourself opportunities.


  • 18-Pages of amazing planning tools to help guide you through a variety of business projects

  • Checklists, Templates & Strategic Sequencing for artwork launches 

  • DIY Solo Art Show Checklist & Phases for planning

  • Popup Checklist (what you need to prepare)

  • Ideal Client Experience

  • Being a more resourceful as an artist within your community

  • Artist Press Kit Outline

  • And more!

This e-book will transform your perspective from "I don't know where to start!" to "Yep, I got this, let's get it!!"


For less money.

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