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Dear Artists (a love letter)

  1. Selling art is hard AF if your CEO & Marketing skills are eh but you ALSO kind of hate it.

  2. ​Selling art is hard when you feel icky, your voice is changing, you have no idea what to say.

  3. Selling art is hard AF if you aren't sure WHERE/WHICH platform to sell on...

  4. Selling art is hard AF if you don't know WHO to sell to...

  5. Selling art is such a vulnerable process...most folks don't want to let go.

xoxo, Art Mom

You are about to sell some art.jpg

It's me, your coach & educator

  • My first cash & carry art sale ($400)

  • A weird furniture store art show popup on SOHO with some friends

  • Buyer was an Instagram follower 

  • Group show of all kinds of artists

  • Verrrrryyyyyy DIY 

  • No email list

  • Some instagram promo from the store and I

  • Honestly, it was a very odd "show"

What did I learn?

  1. Sales can come from ANYWHERE, not just fancy galleries.

  2. People areeeee watching, they see you & they see what they like!

  3. I put my strongest foot forward in every situation & found opportunities even in the weirdest places.

Have you heard yourself say, "but, I don't want to be too salesy..."?

so I say to my clients...

  • but, don't you have something to sell?

  • don't you want to easily pay your rent or cover your studio fee by selling ONE high ticket piece?

  • if it feels awkward, you probably are trying to do what you THINK you should do...

  • if it doesn't sound like you, it won't be believable...

What's inside:

  • 7 x (60 min) zoom calls (we usually run over if the convo is juicy)

  • 1 x Optional Office Hours

  • Private Facebook Group for ongoing support & communication 

  • Peer-to-Peer brainstorming, feedback

  • Hot Seat Coaching (on the spot 1:1 coaching)

  • Lifetime access to all recordings

  • Limited Spots: Max 20 Artists/Makers/Creatives 

What we will cover:

WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE of selling art by cutting through the majority of the bullshit.


But only after we can clear away those weird feelings about getting paid doing what you love. WHICH IS NOT WEIRD!!!

Call 1: Defining your relationship and thoughts around selling. Changing the narrative.


Call 2: Strategy, nitty gritty, marketing tools, brainstorming


Call 3: Setting up the sales strategy WHILE implementing.


Call 4: Troubleshooting, pick my brain, tweak and PRESS PLAY


Exclusive 3rd Party Art Selling Platform List to get your passive income started.

Your investment to this program can be used towards a future 1:1 package

Presale Investment

PRE-SALE PRICE: $597 or 2x Payments of $280

1:1 VIP Upgrade

Only 5 spots, 2 Months of 1:1 access to me while I support you through each module, plugging & implementing directly into your niche business and setting it up DURING this time, with me along your side.

  • 4 x Calls 45 Minutes

  • M-TH DM Voice Note Access to instantly shoot messages to each other for immediate impact.

  • Any document revisions or feedback

  • Resources to support your process

So if you want...

  • Customized help implementing the strategies we learn & unlearn in order to align to your arts business.

  • Nailing down your signature voice when you are interacting with social media followers, potential buyers, organizations, gallerists, curators etc.

  • Understanding how to use marketing opportunities to share your story in a comfortable yet personable way.

  • An intimate & private space where we can talk about all things holding you back from showing up fully and making those art sales. 

VIP Upgrade is for you.



01. Selling takes a level of vulnerability
02. You gotta do the work, implementation & presence
03. You don't have to be in love with all aspects of your arts business, but you DO need to be in like with all that comes with your arts biz.
04. Your audience size DOES NOT MATTER! Your email list size does not matter! YOU & YOUR WORK MATTER. Are you showing up for it or not?
05. Aren't you going to be making art ANYWAY?


You've got questions, I've got answers...

When do we start? 
Mid March

How do I know if  this for me?
Do you have a clear vision on how to sell your art?
Do you want to sell more art?
Are you hoarding art and avoiding the business aspect because it feels too difficult?
If this sounds like you then yes... 

What if I haven't sold anything?

Even better, you'll be able to figure out who you are before you start soft launching your work for potential buyers to figure you out!

What's up with the VIP UPGRADE?

I am offering a VIP Upgrade option to have me in your ear while you are plugging, playing and doing all of your arts business research. I will support you in implementing right off the bat over the 1 Month during the program and 1 Month after. 
This is extremely high touch.

What if I can't show up to every single call?

There will be lifetime access to all replays saved in the Facebook Group, but we will decide as a group on the time as best as possible & you will receive a calendar for all dates.

How much access to I get to Art Mom?

The Facebook Group will be active in between calls to answer any questions or brainstorm. 
VIPers will get M-TH access


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