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Are you stuck DIYing your arts business without any support or guidance to tell you which direction to go in? 


As an artist and a coach, I created something I knew I could have used to help me plan and operate my business a bit more intentionally without all of the trial and error it took.


This e-book is unlike any other because it will actually GUIDE you towards more strategic do-it-yourself opportunities. 



  • 16-Pages of amazing planning tools to help guide you through a variety of business projects
  • Checklists, Templates & Strategic Sequencing for artwork launches 
  • DIY Solo Art Show Checklist & Phases for planning
  • Popup Checklist (What you need to prepare)
  • Ideal Client Experience
  • Being a more resourceful as an artist within your community
  • Artist Press Kit Outline
  • And more!


This e-book will transform your perspective from "I don't know where to start!" to "Yep, I got this, let's get it!!"

The Do-It-Yourself Handbook for Artists in Business

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