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May 17, 2018

As most of you who follow me on social media (@merakinyc) know, I have 29 days to vacate my studio in the Gowanus. A place...a cozy room with no windows that I called my office and make art space, where I would invite clients, friends and any interested person to come into my world.

When I left teaching it was one of the first things that happened FOR me...lets get me a studio!! However, with that being said freelancers are always faced with change, risk, excitement, challenges, roller coaster rides and unexpected messages. As an anxious person this has been a bit of a struggle for me to adapt to, but I have come a long way over the last 3 years learning to embrace this whirlwind of experiences as a f...

March 21, 2018

Having graduated from SUNY New Paltz with an Art Aducation degree with a concentration in painting, you were technically

trained in all aspects of art and are sort of required to know the characteristics of all materials...including art history (which were 3 grueling hours with Mr. Rogers in the dark...sweet dude)

With that being said, I was naturally a mixed media artist because I was drawn to different materials that would help me best interpret and express a variety of concepts. After being a maker for the first half of my freelance career 2016-2017 and putting on my first solo show in 2017 at the Gowanus Print Lab, I realized how much further I needed to push my fine art if I ever wanted to pursue it as...

March 8, 2018

Because I AM the boss....:)

Some self-story...I was an art EDUCATOR for 12 years in 3 different schools. I spent the first four years at a crazy middle school in the Lower East Side, Manhattan, then was recruited to a charter high school in Newark, New Jersey, where I would then stay for the next six years and finally for the last two years at another high school back in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. 

I was on the State & City Board of Art Education and represented the NYC Art Teachers Association, Region 8 in Albany. 

Basically, I was a bad ass bitch in the Art Education world... I learned lots of lessons about relating and understanding other people's perspective, but mostly and HARDEST...

December 5, 2017

Ok well, shopping might not be my cardio considering I love boxing and Im living on the most quintessential broke & bougie budget. Currently only spending money on the necessities... whiskey and art supplies. 

HOWEVER, unavoidably the holiday season is coming up and I will be most likely shopping the sale section and hitting up my Handmade in Brooklyn ladies up for some awesome locally made gifts.


@fugitivenature- Hand dyed cozy ass socks. 

@greenelephantbk- Wall wavings & plant hangers

@quickbrownfoxletterpress - All things greeting cards

@gowanussouvenirshop- All things Brooklyn & Gowanus 

@ltrainvintage_sackett- WAY better than Beacon's Closet, more affordable and cooler shit.

September 28, 2017

I often go into leather shops, creative, wondering what the hell the scrap bin is going to look like, cause that's my go to! I have been working on small leather pieces so I dont usually need a whole lot of leather but I can choose from lots of colors and textures, which has worked just fine for me.

I've been wanting to challenge myself and create much larger functional, hip products, bookbags, lots of pocket detailing and including my new affinity with cow fur. However with all of this said, my creative endeavors have been limited due to my non-industrial sewing machine.

After much thought and financial strife as the quintessential broke and bougie artist...I FINALLY took the leap...

August 2, 2017

I'm always asked who and what inspires me and the answer is always the same: EVERYTHING. However, each season, I'm always blown away by new talent. So rather than keep it a secret, each season, I'm going to give them a "high five" because these Brooklyn Boss Babes are making waves and everyone should take notice!

High five to the top five Brooklyn-based creatives that inspired me this Summer:

  1. Manamade Jewelry by Amanda Paulsen

  2. Fugitive Nature by Kara Hoskins

  3. Styles By Mariyah Kelly Davis

  4. Chinae Alexander

  5. Planet Zoot by Jennie Jones

July 19, 2017

Growing up my glam squad consisted of a dynamic duo by the names of Mom and Grandma! Every weekend, I was turned into a human Barbie Doll with a wardrobe to match (with Betsy Johnson and Madonna as inspirations). At the time, it all felt fun and innocent, but my glam squad was actually teaching how to tell stories fashion and art.

My mom showed me how to make scrunched up socks fashionable, while my grandma helped me perfect the fine art of mixing and matching exotic prints and patterns. 

This photo shoot with Mariyah Kelly Davis transported me back those early days when my glam squad made fashion fun and fearless. We started playing with her beautifully tailored clothing collection and my leather acces...

June 15, 2017

For many months I worked with black india ink on newsprint with only a fan brush. I created a plethora of patterns that demonstrated the different parts and stages of experiencing anxiety. This exploration leg to creating some interesting high contrast patterns that then lead me to exploring ways I could print them onto various surfaces such as repeat patterns for wall paper, all over printed shirts, and anything else I could get my hands on. 

I eventually began focusing on my upcoming solo show and started creating targeted pieces that demonstrated my ability to mix and match the different patterns that I had developed over time on the same surface. Being the social media glut that I am for sharing my art,...

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