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Me + Juki = Happy

I often go into leather shops, creative, wondering what the hell the scrap bin is going to look like, cause that's my go to! I have been working on small leather pieces so I dont usually need a whole lot of leather but I can choose from lots of colors and textures, which has worked just fine for me.

I've been wanting to challenge myself and create much larger functional, hip products, bookbags, lots of pocket detailing and including my new affinity with cow fur. However with all of this said, my creative endeavors have been limited due to my non-industrial sewing machine.

After much thought and financial strife as the quintessential broke and bougie artist...I FINALLY took the leap and bought the rolls royce of industrial sewing machines, what I call my Juki Pookie. It has definitely opened doors and pushed my creative exploration, has fueled my itch to make more, faster and in any material I want, which has been fucking amazing.

This year has been a challenging one to say the least, but I have taken humble steps to grow and use those difficult moments as opportunities to mentally, emotionally and physically become a better artisan and maker. I'm sure many artists and non-artists can relate to that. And although the Juki Pookie is a materialistic component to stimulating the creative juices I've not yet been able to explore...I guess it was time to take the next step in making an investment in order to expand my career as an artist and designer.

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few." - Shunryu Suzuki

Just cause I like that quote...

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