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Visual Storytelling: A collaboration with friends

Growing up my glam squad consisted of a dynamic duo by the names of Mom and Grandma! Every weekend, I was turned into a human Barbie Doll with a wardrobe to match (with Betsy Johnson and Madonna as inspirations). At the time, it all felt fun and innocent, but my glam squad was actually teaching how to tell stories fashion and art.

My mom showed me how to make scrunched up socks fashionable, while my grandma helped me perfect the fine art of mixing and matching exotic prints and patterns.

This photo shoot with Mariyah Kelly Davis transported me back those early days when my glam squad made fashion fun and fearless. We started playing with her beautifully tailored clothing collection and my leather accessories...and began telling a story using our handmade products. It's cool as hell, when your products can lean against one another and just talk to each other. Our photographs truly showed that.

With my iPhone7 in-hand and Bed-Stuy Brooklyn as our backdrop, it couldn't be anymore humbling, but what emerged was an amazing experience working with another female boss who is just as passionate about artfashion as I am. My glam squad would be proud!

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