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From Wallpaper to Leggings

For many months I worked with black india ink on newsprint with only a fan brush. I created a plethora of patterns that demonstrated the different parts and stages of experiencing anxiety. This exploration leg to creating some interesting high contrast patterns that then lead me to exploring ways I could print them onto various surfaces such as repeat patterns for wall paper, all over printed shirts, and anything else I could get my hands on.

I eventually began focusing on my upcoming solo show and started creating targeted pieces that demonstrated my ability to mix and match the different patterns that I had developed over time on the same surface. Being the social media glut that I am for sharing my art, I was approached on Instagram by a local pilates studio who was interested in a particular art peice that I had been working on, but was mainly interested in seeing if we could put that design on activewear leggings! Although I had experimented with textiles my entire life AND been had an affinity wit activewear myself...I never quite saw my drawings or paintings being printed on leggings. I quickly put my gears into action, found a manufacturer that would ethically help make this happen for me and voila! my mixed media printed painting was on a sample for my new exclusive retailer.

It was like a new child had been born out of my studio...

My love of art not only includes my own thoughts, but the thoughts of my community and how others participate with it. Which I guess was why I became an art teacher 12 years ago. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I actually get to vibrate with people outside of my comfort zone and take risks that push my artistic journey in ways I had no idea I could go.

I am thankful for collaboration everyday.....

Visit: Body Tonic Pilates Gymnasium 150 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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